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Dr Tan Jit Seng was honored to be invited as one of the speakers on Robotics in Healthcare ub SIRE 2017, held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore over 2nd and 3rd of November 2017.

Here is the programme at a glance:

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SIRE 2017

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Dr Tan Jit Seng, Chief Technology Officer of Lotus Technologies, is proud to be able to share some insights on Robotics in home care setting.

Here is the link to the event:

Here is a short write up of the presentation by the event organizers:

I was honoured to be interviewed by Max over the topic on future care possibilities. While investment has been poured towards building new nursing homes and aged care facilities, my idea is to allow technology to facilitate our seniors to continue to live their lives in the place they have been. I do believe that this can be achieve through the use of robotics and smart home initiatives. We can focus on each ADL difficulties faced by the elderly and target each and every disability with the use of robots and on cloud technology.

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Lotus1+ : Aged Care Robot

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I am frequently being asked by my technology colleagues on what is needed for aged care, what robots should we be building and how can the robot be helpful in day to day life. 


It is actually not very complex (to me at least) and people around the world has been developing robots that can help  elderly go about in their daily lives. I have been involved in robotic developments and one group is actually going overseas for a prestigious robotic competition. 

 So what exactly does robots in aged care do? 

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