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Written by  2017-11-01

Rock Human Devices

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On my day to day interactions with seniors, one of the difficulties would be hearing impairment. Often then not, I literally have to "gently" raise my voice for any effective communication.


Hearing aids are not very popular with the elderly unfortunately. Some are ill fitting, with much feedback noises etc. Many elderly never bothered to go for hearing test or get hearing aids, life just goes on in a more tinnitus prone world. An article in New York Times also flagged out this common and yet unsolved issue:

Hearing impairment in seniors with dementia / cognitive impairment can further cause more confusion, and at times, more agitation and behaviour problems to the carer. Some of the latest studies around the world has been showing similar results. Here is one such report:

We need something which is not stigmatizing, easy to wear and take off, and proven to be acceptable to any user.

Here comes Rock Human Device, a form factor so recognizable, but functionally so different from it's primary users!

I will be getting a prototype soon and I can really test it out in the community!

Here is their website!




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