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Written by  2016-07-02

IFA 2016 Brisbane

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IFA 2016 held in Brisbane, Australia was indeed an eye opening experience for me in all things ageing. Being a doctor and frequently attending conference, it is refreshing to be in a conference with minimal medically inclined topics, rather, more on the overall social-economical-controversial-overall topics for the seniors. All the keynote speakers were fantastic, giving the insight of ageing policies and on-goings in various countries and the ground issues encountered. Taking a look at the conference program and you will be impressed with the scope and the fascinating number of topics being discussed! Some of the more controversial ones might never make it to Singaporean shores I say!


I presented a simple papers on my findings on the causes of disabilities in our seniors. I have met old friends and many more new friends in this conference, and heard interesting sharings from many different countries, including one from Jamaica! There are far too many lectures I heard throughout the 3 day event but it really expose me to many new ideas and practices. I would be very much interested to attend the next one in Toronto, Canada in 2 years time!

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