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SeniorPreneurs Sg

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Ageing Master Plan, about livelong learning and employability

In the recently published MOH’s action plan for successful ageing, the first 2 topics are: Employability and Livelong Learning.

Here is a not-so-new but perhaps missed out possibility on supporting both these action plans: 



Here is a possible action plan and reasoning for such a movement and entity call SeniorPreneurs Sg to happen here in Singapore –

SeniorPreneurs Sg seeks to create awareness in entrepreneurship in seniors, creating an ecosystem for senior entrepreneurs in order to create more employment opportunities and life-long learning opportunities.  It is modelled after SeniorPreneurs Australia, whereby entrepreneurship is encouraged and supported with networking, training and business coaching sessions. As such, we strive to be involved in a growing number global network of SeniorPreneurs for networking opportunities and exchange of ideas or even expansion of businesses.

SeniorPreneurs Sg key population includes:

1.     Seniors who are retired from their lifelong work and wishes to start a new initiate related to their hobbies or calling to either retain economically active or serve a greater good.

2.     Seniors who are retrenched from their work and wishes to start something on their own for continual employment and revenue stream.

3.     Seniors who have not been gainfully employed due to family commitments and now wanting to have a new start after their children have all grown up and financially independent.

4.     Seniors who wishes to take advantage of a business opportunity they identified from their professional background, or from the feedback from other seniors and friends in relation to eldercare and the silver industry.

With an ageing population, forms of employability for seniors need to be relooked and entrepreneurship in seniors can be a new form of employment for the seniors.  They can even be more successful then younger entrepreneurs with more experience, skills and endurance honed from years of employment. On a whole, successful SeniorPreneurs can also give a new dimension to the overall national economy.

Key benefits in running SeniorPreneurs Sg 

·      More seniors are employed and still actively contributing economically in Singapore through us

·      More seniors are more engaged socially due their startup commitment and be more willing to participate in lifelong learning activities though Seniorpreneurs

·      KPI of at least 2 startup yearly by seniors supported by Seniorpreneurs Sg

·      Usage, feedback and survey on Seniorpreneurs Sg activities and services for the entity to be financially sustainable on its own

·       Facilitate Seniors to be involved in competitions and conferences with their products or services

Services include:

1.     Networking sessions other seniorpreneurs with Industry experts.

2.     Co-working space rental as needed basis

3.     Linking up in governmental start-up fundings like CDG grants/competitions/venture capitalist/chartable organizations support

4.     Setting up website and creating e marketing solutions or traditional marketing workflow

5.     Coordinating with governmental organization in the ageing master plans on employability and life long learning segments.

6.     As a research facilities for government organizations for topics regarding to elder worker and entrepreneurs.

7.     As consultants for large governmental or non government cooperation in terms of prolonging working lives for their ageing employees and promoting retention among those post retirement age via company policies or twitches to job scope and profile.


We aim to set up an Asian Institute for Experienced Entrepreneurship following the lead in America: GIEE


How do we intend to be sustainable then?

Revenue will come from a few sources:

  1. Sponsorship for events from MNCs/government agencies/Business associations/ Foundations in view of possible project collaborations.
  2. Services provision for members and membership subscriptions
  3. Training (WDA courses/Skills future courses etc)
  4. Consultancy services for large organisations for retaining and retraining retired staff
  5. Research services for governmental organisations for topics on senior workforce
  6. Shares from some of the Seniopreneurs startups (Case by case basis)



Here is the Australian version: http://seniorpreneurs.org.au/

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