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Appointed Assessor for National Disability Schemes Assessment - IDAPE; Eldershield; ElderFund; CareShield Life; Medisave Care

Provide home-based assessment for Basic Activities of Daily Living (bADLs)  dependent patients who are unable to physically attend to a clinic. New applications or review visits are both welcomed!

We have been processing such claims since 2013 and is actively involved in supporting Older Adults with disabilities as well as those who are homebound due to congenital disorders like Cerebral Palsy, Severe Autism, Down's Syndrome and many others syndromic adults.

National Disability Scheme includes

1. IDAPE, Eldershield, Elderfund and CareShield Life, Medisave Care for severely disabled patients. 

2. Home Caregiver Grant, PG DAS for moderately disabled patients.

3. Foreign Domestic Worker Levy Concession for those needing help in daily care.

Do call us at +65 6808  5664 during working hours, or WhatsAPP us at +65 9800 4828 after office hours to arrange for a home visit to apply for the grants.

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