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Robotising Domestic Home Based Healthcare: Can Robotics Enable Caregivers

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Dr Tan Jit Seng was honored to be invited as one of the speakers on Robotics in Healthcare ub SIRE 2017,


held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore over 2nd and 3rd of November 2017.

Here is the programme at a glance:

Here is Dr Tan's topic:

Robotising Domestic Home Based Healthcare: Can Robotics Enable Caregivers

Tele health services like remote vital signs monitoring has been around for some time. It has been used by transitional care services, long term home care services and primary healthcare services to monitor for chronic disease. Home robotics will give the family and healthcare services a new and more powerful element of monitoring and support. Robotics at the present consist of a remotely controlled tele presence machine which can be used to communicate with patient remotely and not requiring the patient to operate. It might seem invasive to the norm but for a frail elderly staying at home alone with worried children out working, it can be an effective platform to relieve stress and worry for all. Home based robotics can also act as a “trojan” house, with many other services and alert system integrating into the robot. Think of a mobile “Amazon echo” or a voice activated communication device

We managed to insert a chatbot into our presentation and showed a "live" demo of tele consultation and tele monitoring right in front of the audiences!

Here are more photos from the event!

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