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Lotus Eldercare in Harvard - Asia Business Conference 2014

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Lotus Eldercare was invited as a panel speaker in the annual Asia Business Conference on the 9th of March 2014 in Harvard Business School. http://www.asiabusinessconference.org/2014/

This year's topic under Healthcare section was on Reverse Innovation of Healthcare delivery. The forum focuses on the current healthcare markets throughout Asia, talking about the investments, the supply chain and the manpower needs.

Speakers include Health IT expert from MIT, Health Investment Director from Goldman Sachs, CEO from one of the pharmaceuticals and Microsoft's health and social service division.  

On healthcare demand and investments, a lot of focus in Asia is now in China. With a aging population and growing demand for more healthcare supports especially in the aging population, there is a great demand for health and chronic care services in China.

The use the ITs for the more remote regions and the lack of an army of trained health service personnel are also big challenges. These challenges must be tackled with the support of sound government policies and innovative processes with collaborations from the private service providers to delivery seamless care support to patients and their families.


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