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Upraising of Eldercare Industry – A Vibrant Year 2015

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Upraising of Eldercare Industry – A Vibrant Year 2015


This is certainly been an exciting year for the eldercare sector, in terms of the many opportunities and grant calls.

I am privileged to be intimately involved in this sector, from manpower development, research, to cutting edge technology developments.

Here are some of the events that I was involved in Singapore 2015.


Care-at-Home Innovation Grant


Everyone was excited about this very first grant call on the research thrust “Ageing in Place” under the National Innovation Challenge (NIC) on Active and Confident Ageing. MOH organized a few events to update providers and tech companies alike with networking and matching sessions.


Cognitive Grant


Following the Care-at-Home Grant call, the 2nd grant call of the series came and we are still in the midst of writing out the proposals. The Grant Call on Cognition is the second of the grant calls under the National Innovation Challenge (NIC) on Active and Confident Ageing. This grant call under the research thrust on “lengthening health span” has two objectives. First, the innovation aims to improve cognitive functioning and delay the onset of dementia in older adults. Second, the innovation aims to provide quality and cost-effective care for seniors with dementia in the community.


NUS Enterprise Small Change Festival



Small Change is a social movement by youths and for youths, to inspire innovative solutions to address social needs in Singapore. FB/Instagram: smallchange.nus 

I was very honored to be invited as a panel speaker on the theme of Ageing. The one thing I learnt is that Silver Tsunami should be termed as Silver Reservoir instead! I learn much from other senior panel speakers and their drive and focus on Elder services are unparalleled.

Here are some photos for the event which include other social issues:



NUS Enterprise: Modern Ageing Singapore


I was invited as a judge in this event in their Semi-Final rounds. Although I have seen and come across most of the innovations, nevertheless, it was a great event to boost tech start-ups in the Eldercare sector!

Here are some news report on this event:




Asia Pacific ARTT-Network: Active Ageing


One of the Eldercare friendly and rehabilitation “toys” where showcased by its founder in the 2nd Edition of SMART NATION Series by Asia Pacific Assistive, Rehabilitation, and Therapeutic Technologies Network .

I am very privilege to be there as Prof Lund explained his concepts and the potential effects in getting our seniors to do exercise through the gaming process.

It was a very fun and interactive session and I got to try out the games myself!


Design Singapore Council: Two New Books: Publications on rethinking health and wellness for the elderly


I am very fortunate to be invited for the book launching at National Design Center and given 2 very informative books on Eldercare and their needs.

The e books are online now and here are the links!

Design for Aging Gracefully: 


Empathetic Technology for Ageing – Rethinking Health & Wellness for the Elderly:



Design Singapore Council: Designathon 2016



Designathon 2016 is a 36-hour design challenge that will bring together a diverse group of people to produce design solutions that will enable the elderly in Singapore to live beautifully in

their golden years.


THEME: Living Beautifully: Designing for Our Golden Years

How might we design to transform the experience of ageing for the elderly in Singapore and enable them to continue living their lives with dignity, grace, and equality as they age?

I was involved in the Pre-Designathon workshop and will be joining in the Designathon next year.


Other developments:

Unaging:  http://unframed.so/unaging/

AIA-Konica Minolta Digital Health Accelerator:  http://www.aia-km-accelerator.com/


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